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About Reykjavik Auto

All-risk insurance is finally here!

You’ve probably come across tons of rental companies that have told you that you can’t cross rivers, or that their insurance plans don’t cover damage incurred on F-roads, damage to tires or even towing costs should you need roadside assistance.

Well, we’ve put an end to that! We offer a Platinum Insurance Plan that includes every type of insurance available in Iceland, such as Sand and Ash Protection and Gravel Protection, PLUS river crossing protection and F-roads insurance.

Want to discover Iceland on the wild side? Grab your 4x4 rental and don’t let anything hold you back!

Bringing Iceland to the palm of your hand

At Reykjavik Auto we have been providing customers from all over the world with superb service, amazing offers and quality vehicles since 2013! That’s a decade of experience solving unforeseen issues and thinking out of the box to make your Iceland adventure absolutely unforgettable.

We may not know what your favorite meal is, but we sure do know Iceland, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you. Come on over, choose your favorite rental car from our giant vehicle fleet and hit the road!

Why choose Reykjavik Auto?

We could write up an endless list of why to choose Reykjavik Auto for your car rental in Iceland, but we’d rather give you 4 BIG perks that set us apart, so that you can secure your favorite rental vehicle before someone else beats you to it!


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