About Us

Serving international customers with local hospitality

For more than 9 years, we have been providing customers from all over the world with superb service, amazing offers and quality vehicles. We don't believe in soulless algorithms. We have an entire locally based support staff to answer any of your questions, at any time of the day. Iceland is a beautiful spot for your next vacation and who better to rent your next vehicle with than a company with a proven track record in helping travelers with their next adventure trip through our inspiring country.

Why Reykjavík Auto?

We understand there are many car rental companies worldwide and online. However, the reason why we began Reykjavík Auto was to give renters customized service with a personal touch. Since we too are travelers, we have found that not only is price important when booking online, but expert responses to questions about terrain, car performance in specific weather and grass roots knowledge of the best places to visit while on your trip.

Our past. Our present. Our future.

Reykjavík Auto was born out of a need. The founders are avid adventure travelers and always felt unsatisfied with their car rental experience while traveling abroad. Knowing what car to rent during a specific season in a place like Iceland is something that only someone who has driven through that terrain would know best. Winter winds, ice roads and hillside paths are all variables that need to be addressed when booking a car. So, they decided to start a locally owned company to service the needs of other travelers visiting Iceland. We have local experts just a phone call away that not only will help you with your car rental but will provide you unique knowledge about the type of car you'll need for the appropriate weather and terrain.

What customers have liked about us in the past:

  • New cars. Superior vehicle maintenance. 24 Hour Road Assistance Program.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Center staffed with locals to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Working closely with customers to coordinate pick up and drop-off to better suit their needs.

+ 10000 Customers

More than 1,000 clients to date. Since we specialize in personalized customer service to the adventure traveler or tourist looking to visit wild and wonderful Iceland, many of our clients have returned to work with us through the years.

+120 Premium tours

Iceland has many things to see and do. The Blue Lagoon. Northern lights. Glaciers and spectacular Reykjavik are all waiting for you. We work with local tour companies and guides. They provide us with special discounted packages for our customers.

H24 Support

We work with international customers on a daily basis. Whether you're coming in from Australia, South Africa, the USA, or Great Britain, our specialists are on hand to answer any question or concern you may have about your journey to Iceland.

Multi-Lingual Support Staff

We have compiled an impressive staff capable of servicing customers in 10 widely used international languages. You can feel comfortable in asking us anything about our vehicles, Iceland or telling us about your trip plans in your native tongue!