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Ready for the road trip of your life around Iceland? Check out our travel blog and learn everything there is to know about the Land of Fire and Ice!

Iceland F-road in the Highlands

15 Mar 2023

Comprehensive Guide to Iceland’s F-roads

F-roads in Iceland are your passport to the country’s wild interior. The backcountry of the Highlands are best explored with a 4x4 SUV but you will still need a couple of tips for a safe drive!

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How long to drive around Iceland's Ring Road

08 Mar 2023

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Iceland?

It's important to know how long it takes to drive around Iceland's Ring Road when planning your dream road trip. While the answer depends on several factors, here is our best estimate along with advice about how long you should stay during your visit.

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Iceland toll roads

01 Mar 2023

Tolls in Iceland

When budgeting for your Iceland car rental, you'll need to consider factors like the cost of fuel and whether you'll have to pay tolls. Let's look at the tolls in Iceland and whether they will affect your trip or not.

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Iceland hiking

22 Feb 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to Hiking in Iceland

Iceland is a perfect destination for hiking with its breathtaking landscapes and almost out of earth atmosphere.

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Iceland golden circle

15 Feb 2023

Your Complete Guide to the Golden Circle in Iceland

Are you short on time? The Golden Circle in Iceland would be the best option for you. The route will let you see a beautiful national park, a waterfall, a geothermal valley and much more in just one day!

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5 days in Iceland

08 Feb 2023

Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days: Perfect For All Year Round

If you're planning a road trip, and you've only got 5 days in Iceland, here is our suggested 5-day Iceland itinerary!

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Blue Lagoon geothermal spa

01 Feb 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is certainly a 'must see' place, as this geothermal spa is well-known for its healing effects, stunning landscape and great in-water treatments. In this post, you can find tips how to make your experience as outstanding as possible.

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Road in Iceland

25 Jan 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Driving in Iceland in Winter

Travelling around Iceland with a car is a perfect way to explore the country. However, it also can be challenging, especially in winter. So in case you decide to have a rental car, make sure you are fully prepared for driving in Iceland in winter!

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Ring Road

18 Jan 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Ring Road in Iceland

Do you have plenty of time and prefer to travel on your own? The Ring Road is the perfect opportunity to explore the country, as the route includes all the major tourists attractions the island has to offer!

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4x4 Car Rental Iceland

11 Jan 2023

Do You Need a 4x4 in Iceland?

When planning a road trip to Iceland, picking the right vehicle is key. You’ve likely read about F-Roads, the Icelandic Highlands, and renting a 4WD. We’re here to clear things up and let you know whether you need a 4x4 in Iceland or not.

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