Personal story: “The most beautiful and dangerous hiking I ever did”

Beautiful mountains in Iceland
Raquel Sancinetti came to Iceland at the end of May 2013 and spent a month in a country. The locals told her that it was a bit early for the hiking season, as most trekking trails were still closed, however she did the Fimmvörðuháls trail, over Eyjafjallajökull volcano and Mýrdalsjökull ice caps.P1140059

Recalling her experience, Raquel said: “It is a 25 km trail and the hiking level is quite advanced. Since as I said I was early in the season, I did most of the trail on wet snow and I did not have waterproof shoes. I did it all in one shot because I couldn’t stop, otherwise my feet would freeze.”P1140385

Despite the difficulties, Raquel described her experience as “the most beautiful and dangerous hiking I ever did!” However, she would advice other hikers to keep in mind the constantly changing weather conditions, also it is very important to stay on the trail, as there is a risk to fall into a glacier crack.P1140161

Raquel said that the trail is really picturesque, as you are walking through breathtaking Icelandic landscapes:

“The trail has 3 parts, going up you walk through dozens of amazing waterfalls. After that you cross a bridge, and walk trough the highlands. When I did it, there was mainly snow and blue lagoons. In the middle of that there is a hut, where you can stop and sleep over. From there you pass beside the glacier and walk over the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.” 

“After that you walk down to colourful valleys, I’ve never seen anything like that before! When I got to Þórsmörk I was so tired that I slept for almost 24 hours. I was there for two more days, walking around, and took a bus back to Skógar.”

“The bus crosses a few rivers and I was amazed we didn't get dragged by the water that at some points was one meter high!”P1140297

It wasn’t the only sight that Raquel visited – she also went to Grímsey, an island on the arctic line: 
“There is a boat that gets there every two days from Dalvík. The boat stops for a few hours and most people come back, but I decided to stay for two days.”IMG_8193 

“The island is full of birds, there are many puffins and arctic terns, that are trying to attack you when you walk close to their nests, which are everywhere since they lay their eggs on the ground! As locals told me, just walk with a stick, because they aim for the highest part. It is a true Hitchcock experience!”P1150704

“The place is very beautiful and peaceful, ideal to rest.”
“I would definitely go back to Iceland. I love the place, and I have friends there, that I want to visit soon. I will try to go in winter next time!”

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March 2016