Easter in Iceland

Easter in Rejkyavik
Easter is one of the biggest religious holidays in Iceland and it is celebrated here as much as in some South European countries. It is true, that due to the fact that most facilities will be closed, it may change your initial plans for your journey. However, don’t be upset: it is still possible to ‘survive’ during holidays in Iceland and enjoy your time here.  

The most important question is if everything is closed during Easter holidays? During Holy Thursday most of the companies are closed, except cinemas, theatres, museums and few supermarkets. Similar situation is on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Monday is officially a holiday, but almost all shops are working normal hours this day.  

However, if shops are closed during the holidays, gas stations are working as well as tourist agencies, so in case you are planning to travelling, it is still possible to do so and you won’t have to delay your journey. Also there are bars and cafes that are opened in Reykjavik, so even though the capital might look less busy than usual, it is still possible to walk around city center and have a nice dinner in the city.  

For those who prefer active leisure, you should definitely consider travelling to North East of the country. As the famous rock festival "Aldrei fór ég suðu" takes place in Ísafjörður during the holidays. It is free of charge and you can enjoy local bands and friendly and cozy atmosphere of this popular event.  

Also, in case you arrived before Easter, we would highly recommend you to buy several chocolate eggs. First of all, they are made of delicious Icelandic chocolate that is definitely worth trying. Secondly, they are pretty with yellow chicks on top of the egg and finally they have Icelandic proverb in them, so you can spend some time, trying to understand, what is written there. Enjoy your trip!

Reykjavík Auto 
March 2016