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Icelandic cuisine


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Historically such ingredients as lamb, fish and diary played important role in Icelandic cuisine.  In this post we would like to tell you about such popular foods as Skyr, Hangikjöt, Kjötsúpa, Laufabrauð and famous Icelandic hotdog.

It looks a bit like Greek yogurt, but actually it is not. Skyr is made from gelatinous milk curds, and has beeb popular in Iceland for more than thousand years. Traditionally you will eat it with milk and sugar or blueberries. It is delicious and also beneficial for your health: Skyr has a high level of protein and low level of fat, also it has vitamins and calcium.

It is a smoke lamb, that traditionally is served during Christmas. This dish is especially delicious due to the quality of meat, sheep are farmed in an old fashion way in Iceland, they are mostly on they own in summer, and eat not only grass but herbs as well. Hangikjöt usually is served with boiled potatoes, béchamel sauce and green peas.

It is a meat soup, that is made of lamb and vegetables. This soup is very popular among both tourists and locals, so we highly recommend you to try it. It is prepared for several hours, the main ingredients are lamb, potatoes, carrots and turnip. If in many countries Chicken soup is considered the best food, when you get a cold, in Iceland it would be Kjötsúpa!

It is a traditional Icelandic bread, that is usually served during Christmas time. The origins of the bread comes from North Iceland, but nowadays it is popular in whole Iceland. Laufabrauð is a flat bread, that is decorated with leaf like pattern and is briefly fired in hot oil. You can either buy it in bakery or make it from scratch. Making this bread during Christmas time is a tradition among many Icelandic families.

Icelandic hotdogs
The first distinction from other hotdogs is that Icelandic one contains lamb. It gives hotdog unique flavour, and it is defiantly worth trying. Another important thing is sauce, or as it is known með öllu, basically you put everything on top of your hotdog: ketchup, remoulade, brown mustard and onions. Yum!

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February 2016

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