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Photography in Iceland


Iceland landscape
Untouched beauty of Icelandic nature as well as unique natural phenomena makes the country an attractive place for the photographers. No matter if you are an experienced photographer or just love taking pictures, there are myriads of opportunities for you.
The three most popular themes among photographers in Iceland are photos of magnificent landscapes, unique wildlife and of course famous Northern lights. 
It’s hard to pick the best place for landscape photo opportunities, Icelandic nature is so various and spectacular, that almost any place can be a perfect photo scene. One of the easiest options would be to take Golden Circle route, as it gives you a chance to visit several picturesque sights in one day, such as National park Þingvellir, waterfall Gullfoss or Haukadalur valley. 
If you are more interested in taking pictures of wildlife, then probably the perfect place would be Myvatn Lake. In this area you will find a collection of rare birds, that can be seen only in Iceland. In case you are interested in puffins, you can find them in many places along the coastline, but the best spot would be Westman Islands.
Obviously, Iceland is not only famous for its birds, you will find here a great variety of domesticated animals, such as Icelandic sheep, horses or dogs, and wild animals: reindeer, whales or arctic fox. 
Northern lights might be the most popular idea for photos in Iceland. This natural phenomenon can be seen from September till mid April. As nights are longer in Northern Iceland, it will be better to take photos there.  One of the most popular sights among tourists will be Landmannalaugar. This beautiful place is also famous for its active volcanoes, geothermal hot springs and gorgeous views.
However, even if you are not interested in taking pictures of landscapes, animals or Northern lights, you will be able to find some great spots that will suite your taste. Photographer Jaix Chaix is more interested in Gothic photos, he found several locations that gave him prefect  photo opportunities. Motorhome Norway with the best company.
An old cemetery in Reykjavik -  Hólavallagarður
If you are interested in old gravestones, Hólavallagarður will be an interesting place to visit. 

Hólavallagarður Cemetery

A stone church in Hvalneskirkja
The beautiful church was built in the 19th century and is located in Hvalnes. One of the most remarkable artefacts here is a gravestone. It was made for the daughter of the local priest Steinunn Hallgrí­msdóttir, who died when she was four.

A stone church in Hvalneskirkja

Reykjavík Auto 
December 2015

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