Five reasons why you should visit Iceland

Stunning iceberg in Iceland To be honest there are countless reasons to visit the country, however in this article, we tried to point out the five main reasons, why you should start planning your journey to Iceland.
Breathtaking nature
No matter whether you decide to stay in Reykjavik or drive across the country, though we would highly recommend to travel around, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the country’s outstanding landscapes: mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, caves and much more. Also you can observe wildlife hear watch rare birds, puffins or whales, some of the species can be seen only in Iceland.
Northern lights
Even though sometimes it is hard to capture this stunning nature phenomenon, it is worth trying. No camera can capture the unique beauty of Aurora Borealis that can be seen only in certain countries, from September till mid April. One tip in case you decide to watch Northern Lights, try to pick remote spot that has less street lightening and monitor for clear weather, as it increases your chances to capture Aurora Borealis.  

Hot springs
There are many geothermal pools in Iceland, however not all of them are suitable for bathing. The most famous hot spring is the Blue Lagoon, many tourists visit it not only to get a pleasant experience, but for medical purposes as well. It is not a secret that bathing in geothermal water is beneficial for your skin, as well as it is a great method to deal with stress. Apart from the Blue Lagoon, there are many beautiful hot springs across the country that you may want to visit: Viti, Seljavallalaug, Myvatn Nature Baths and others.  

Perfect for hiking
As it was discussed earlier, Iceland is famous for its beautiful and untouched nature, so it is not a surprise, that the country is perfect for hiking. There are many places across the country that would be suitable for both newbies and well experienced hikers. Among the best spots, there is Jokulsargljufur National Park, it goes from Asbyrgi south to Selfoss, however some hikers extend the route till stunning Myvatn Lake. There are different paths, depending on how challenged you want your journey to be.  

Ideal for kids
It is not easy to travel abroad with young ones, but Iceland is one of the best places for journey with kids, after all the country is one big fairy tale. In this post we published a letter by two ten-year-old and they absolutely loved the country! Iceland is like a playground for kids: they can whale watching, horses riding, dogs sledding, hiking and camping in stunning places. Don’t forget about trolls, elves, fairies or gnomes, stories about them will definitely keep your kids entertain for the whole trip! 

Reykjavík Auto 
March 2016