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Safe selfies in Iceland


Photography in Iceland

We wrote about Iceland Academy before, when they made video lessons on how to behave in hot tubes, make sure not to harm the fragile ecosystem in the country, and reduce the risks during hiking. This time they decided to issue a video, where they will give advice on how to make safe selfies and prevent any possible injuries.

Charismatic Head of Iceland Academy Stina Bang explained in the video that "even though Iceland has a scenery to die for, it doesn't mean you need to die for it", she warned that lack of precautions while taking selfies might be very dangerous. 

Slippery stones
Various hot springs and waterfalls look brilliant in selfies, but it is really risky to step on slippery stones in order to make a great selfie. It might look beautiful, but it is very dangerous and you risk falling into the water and in some cases boiling water.

Keep a distance
Hot springs and geysers can be very hot and sometimes the steam around them can reach 100C. That's why it is very important to keep a distance from the stream, even if it may look harmless. It might be tempting to come as close as possible for a good photo, but don't forget about safety!

Unpredictable waves
Taking a selfie on a beach is always a great idea, but bear in mind that some places in Iceland can have very strong waves and while taking a photo, you may accidentally end up in the water. Be sure that in windy weather, with strong waves around, you won't come too close to the water. Sometimes it's better to enjoy the view from a distance.

There are many great opportunities for selfies in Iceland, in many cases you won't even need any filters, however, bear in mind these rules and watch out for signs, when you decide to take a photo. After all no photo opportunity is worth getting and injury and spending the rest of your holidays in the hospital! 

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November 2016

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