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tourists near waterfall in Iceland

In recent years Iceland has become very popular among tourists. So what makes it so attractive to people all over the world? We believe that a crucial element of Icelandic charm is its unique flora and fauna and loads of activities that would not be possible in other parts of the world. Previously we wrote about best activities for kids in Iceland, here we would like to focus on the most popular tourists activities in the country.

Bathe in hot
Probably you heard about Blue Lagoon: amazing geothermal water that is not only enjoyable expereince, but is also very beneficial for her health, especially for people who suffer from skin conditions. However, it is not the only hot spring in the country. Viti, one of the craters in Askja, is very popular among tourists as well. Apart from magic bathing experience, you would be also impressed by the lunar-like landscapes here. 

Camping near waterfall

There are plenty of waterfalls in the country, if you decide to rent a car in Reykjavik and to drive around the country, you would see many beautiful waterfalls on your way. However, you can experience more in Iceland, if you decided to do camping near one of the waterfalls, trust us, it would leave you with unforgettable memories. We would recommend you to stay near Skógafoss waterfall, it is located in South Iceland and is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country.   

Capture northern lights

Some time ago we already wrote about the best ways to capture northern lights and even if it sounds not easy, and you might be lucky on the first attempt, we strongly suggest you to try to watch this nature phenomenon. You will have more like to see aurora borealis from April to September, on a clear day and in some remote areas, where there are no street lights. One of the most popular places to capture northern lights in Iceland is Landmannalaugar. 

Explore turf houses

Historically local people used to live in turf houses in Iceland. You won't find many old buildings in Reykjavik, but we you drive around the country, you would find villages, which have houses from 13 century! Many of turf houses now function as folk museums, so you will have a chance to see the buildings not only from outside, but from the inside as well. There you will learn a lot about Icelandic history and local traditions. 

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January 2017