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What is Silica?


Geothermal water Iceland is known for its geothermal resources, but many people assume that they are used solely for heating and energy purposes, however geothermal water can be used beyond that. Silica, which is extracted from geothermal water, has numerous beneficial properties especially for the health.

Silica can be very useful for people who suffer from bone related diseases, such as osteoporosis due to its bone mineralization qualities. Many adults, especially women lack of sufficient amount of silicon, therefor increase they risk of getting osteoporosis or bone breakdown. Silica supplements can help to reduce the severity of the condition, it also works well as a preventive measure.

Skin, hair and nails
Silica intake can help to strength nails and hair, make them look healthy and beautiful. It is also a good measure to stop or prevent the hair loss. Apart from that Silica can help to minimise micro wrinkles and repair the skin damage due to extensive sunlight.

Sport injuries
For people who exercise a lot taking Silica might be very beneficial. It reduces the frequency of sport injuries. Silica supplement can strength cartilage, sinews and ligaments. Also it can help people with iron deficiency and reduce the pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

So in case you decided to visit Iceland, you can try some Silica based products. Supplements are recommended for adults and children since the age of six, however it is strongly advised not to take Silica while pregnancy.

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November 2016

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