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Reykjavik Airport

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Car Rentals at Reykjavik Airport

It’s not often that you lad in an airport for a stopover and end up inspired to visit the land that sits outside. Keflavik Airport in Iceland may be one of the exceptions to the rule, as the stained-glass windows, wide open lobby, and the view of the amazing landscape outside have inspired many to return for an extended visit.

Since the airport is about a 40-minute drive from the capital of Reykjavik, and all the major attractions are rather spread out in Iceland, a car rental at Keflavik airport is always a good idea.

It’s very easy to rent a car at Reykjavik Airport, but there are some things you need to know first. If you are looking for an automatic transmission, you need to make that clear when booking, as most cars I the country are manual. You will be driving on the right side of the road, and will need a valid driver’s license and at least 1 year of driving experience.

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More Information About Keflavik Airport

You may not be planning on spending a lot of time in the airport, but it’s still good to know that there are plenty of amenities and services available to you should you need them. Retail outlets abound, making it easy to pick up any items you may have forgotten to pack. There is an area for the kids to play in while you get your Keflavik Airport car rental sorted out. There are also plenty of places to eat of you want to grab a bite before hitting the road.

Getting to Reykjavik from the airport is a breeze, as it’s a straight shot along Route 41 to the capital city. It’s a little over 50 km, but you will be happy to learn that the roads are clear, as traffic is generally very light wherever you go. Speed limit on the highway is set at 90 km/h, but be prepared to drop down to 50 km/h when you hit the city limits. The road signs are easy to read and understand, so you should have no issues there.

When you rent a car in Keflavik, you are probably doing so because you plan on stopping off at all the top tourist spots. It’s worth noting that while these can be accessed from the Route 1 ring road that circles Iceland, some of the travel may be along unpaved roads. Therefore, many people opt to go with a 4X4 vehicle when they rent a car in Iceland.

There is a lot to explore in Iceland, as this is a country home to some stunning natural wonders, such as the Blue Lagoon, which is well within reach of the airport. By renting a car at Keflavik Airport, you are essentially bypassing the hassles that come with going on organized tours that you wish would end long before they do. You have the freedom to roam as you wish, and with a ring road that runs over 1,800 km full circle, you have the perfect access to all that Iceland has to offer.

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