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Yes, it includes our Silver Insurance Plan. It includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) and Thief Protection (TP) insurances. The deductible (self-risk) amount on the TP is 0 ISK but the deductible (self-risk) amount on the SCDW is 150,000 ISK.

At Reykjavik Auto we have 3 unique insurance plans available:

  • Silver Insurance Plan. It comes with every one of our rentals, and includes everything stated in the above question. The self-risk amount for this plan is 150,000 ISK.
  • Gold Insurance Plan. The Gold Insurance Plan includes Sand and Ash Protection and Gravel Protection, both of which just happen to be 2 of the most common forms of damage to vehicles in Iceland. This is ideal if you’re planning on sticking to ‘friendly’ roads, but don’t want to worry about checking your car’s paintwork every 30 minutes! The self-risk amount for this plan is 65,000 ISK.
  • Platinum Insurance Plan. The Platinum Insurance Plan is the best insurance plan any car rental company in Iceland can offer and comes with FREE Wi-Fi! It basically covers everything with 0 ISK deductible/self-risk. It even covers water damage and damage to the engine and transmission. The self-risk amount for this plan is 0 ISK.

  • It also significantly reduces your liability should you require a tow truck, with a small deductible of 35,000 ISK. Without towing cost cover, you could be liable to cover the entire charge, which can be as high as 600,000 ISK.

We always recommended getting the Gold Insurance Plan (2.950-3.450 ISK per day) at the very least. It includes Gravel Protection (GP), which covers the windscreen and the body when gravel or rocks get thrown on, at or into the vehicle by another car. Gravel damage is the most common form of damage sustained in Iceland. The Gravel Protection has 0 ISK deductible/self-risk. Also, you lower your deductible/self-risk amount on the SCDW from 150,000 ISK down to 65,000 ISK.

For those wanting to explore the more remote corners of Iceland with total peace of mind, we recommend the Platinum Insurance Plan, which covers every type of damage with 0 ISK deductible/self-risk, including F-road driving and river crossings.

The PLATINUM Insurance Plan is our clients’ top choice.

Yes, they are but only from November 1st up to April 15th, as required by the Icelandic law.

Yes, but only roadside telephone assistance is included with your rental agreement. Any expenses incurred from towing your vehicle will be your responsibility.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown or an accident, you can call +3547874444 to request 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. If the car cannot be returned to a roadworthy condition, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle.


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